Community is the defining element of The Highlands. It manifests itself through the various committees that oversee landscape, facilities and operations, but also through the cohesive sense of history, self-governance and common cause that connects and interweaves every resident. Members are supported by a collegial, stable and discreet staff, whose singular mission is to seamlessly tend to the needs of the community, ensuring the highest levels of service and support to residents and visitors alike. Homeowners in The Highlands are treated with deference and sublime attention to detail in all matters, and afford similar privilege to each other. Community values are embodied by a well-honed governance structure that serves the members' needs; a mechanism exercised annually when the membership comes together to review and approve its budgets. It is this sense of commitment and cooperation that ensures the peace, beauty and privacy of the community are constantly maintained and improved.

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An elected Board of Trustees oversees the entire scope of community responsibilities. The Board, in turn, is supported by a number of offices and committees that manage projects and day-to-day operations. A full time General Manager works with a staff of security officers, landscapers, teachers, and site administrators to provide the wide range of amenities available to Highlands members. The General Manager also works closely with The Highlands’ member-run committees.  These groups of collaborative residents meet regularly to develop and carry out policy covering a wide range of responsibilities, such as the following:

  • Annual Picnic and Holiday Parties
  • Chapel and Chapel Concert Series
  • Commons, Trails, and Parks
  • Communications
  • Governance
  • Landscape
  • Membership/Hospitality
  • Pools and Tennis
  • School
  • Security